GMK Floral Designs

Wedding Referral Program

Many of our clients were referred to us by our brides. Due to the overwhelming responses, we have decided to show our appreciation. At GMK Floral Designs, we value the relationship of our brides above everything else, because we know without your support, we would not exist! This is why we proudly present the GMK Floral Designs Wedding Referral Program!

Our new referral program can save you money!

If you decide to book with us, you are eligible to receive up to $250 off your wedding flowers. This credit will be applied towards your current account.

Here's how it works:

For every couple that you refer to us before your wedding day, you could receive $50 off* your wedding flowers (up to a limit of $250).

Our new referral program is easy!

You provide us with the couples' names, wedding date, phone number, and email address, let them know we will be contacting them, and we'll do the rest! If they decide to book with us before your wedding day, you will receive $50 off* your wedding flowers.

* The referred couple has to have a signed contract with us and have paid the non-refundable deposit before your wedding day for you to receive the credit.

This program is only available to current clients, so if you've been putting off scheduling your free floral consultation, call us at (610) 220-8764 or email us at [email protected] to make your appointment, and then start referring friends to earn credit towards your wedding flowers!